Saturday, July 14, 2012

FanExpo: whatwerewethinking

PANIC TIME!!! Okay okay, I'll stop harry pottering soon I swear...mid-production:

3D printed model, tentatively called Eglinton 'Eggy' Coon. Just because you have a working maya model and then a working printed model doesn't mean you have a reproducible manufacturable one!!! Sadness. I'm waiting for layers of latex to dry as I type this.......

Haha this model turned out HUGE compared to what I had in mind. Never trust the screen. Hanging out in the workshop:


Friday, July 13, 2012


A couple of my UofT peeps are getting married.
I've never actually been to a wedding... (apparently they're horrible?) or a funeral. There's good money to be made in setting up fantastic funeral parties because really, who wants to be a bore even after they're dead?

ANYWAY, this was part of my present.