Y2: Conglomerate

Blog? What is zis blog you speak of?

It's only been three days since the semester ended and I've already fallen back into my food-chomping tv-ogling useless slacker ways.

Royal Winter Fair! It's been over a year already..? I actually love pigs... it's too bad I also love bacon...

I was asking a friend why our things looked extra mediocre lately, and he reminded me that we were exercising hyper efficiency to satisfy the deadlines, hence the dip in quality. MEDIOCRITY IS PAINFUL. I started using flash for animation. Jitter jitter jitter.


My arch-nemeses...........HUMANS.

I've been testing the stress/procrastination threshold all semester... and think I crossed it for storyboard. Jitter jitter jitter my pitch made me want to die. "Why is this Happening":
Sloppy leica:

HAHA... oh painting... I always forget we have painting. That's actually my room.. and a cropped piece of a pastel thing.

Layout breaks my heart, every drawing has a massive anti-climax. Experimenting with dip pens and these were the few deemed oh-kay enough to post:

And we conclude today's presentation with herpderp hippo. This concept sucks because after looking at a few hippo reference photos you realize hippos are SOOO huge there is NOOO way in hell they could ever, ever, EVER fly.