Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Y2: Conglomerate

Blog? What is zis blog you speak of?

It's only been three days since the semester ended and I've already fallen back into my food-chomping tv-ogling useless slacker ways.

Royal Winter Fair! It's been over a year already..? I actually love pigs... it's too bad I also love bacon...

I was asking a friend why our things looked extra mediocre lately, and he reminded me that we were exercising hyper efficiency to satisfy the deadlines, hence the dip in quality. MEDIOCRITY IS PAINFUL. I started using flash for animation. Jitter jitter jitter.


My arch-nemeses...........HUMANS.

I've been testing the stress/procrastination threshold all semester... and think I crossed it for storyboard. Jitter jitter jitter my pitch made me want to die. "Why is this Happening":
Sloppy leica:

HAHA... oh painting... I always forget we have painting. That's actually my room.. and a cropped piece of a pastel thing.

Layout breaks my heart, every drawing has a massive anti-climax. Experimenting with dip pens and these were the few deemed oh-kay enough to post:

And we conclude today's presentation with herpderp hippo. This concept sucks because after looking at a few hippo reference photos you realize hippos are SOOO huge there is NOOO way in hell they could ever, ever, EVER fly.


  1. Your Painting is friggin awesome! Keep up the amazing work! :) I just learned that you can follow blogs.

    1. HAHA the room one? That was truly genuine speed painting, had to get it out of the way for animation, but yaaay you like it :)