Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Y2: Last Hurrah

We spent a few weeks on creature design in life drawing class. Some bird crocodiles, capybara kangaroos, koala parrots, centaurs and a lot of herpderp:

I wish I did more but then the semester ended.
Costume life drawing 5-15min:

WHOOPS this was actually the first painting assignment of the semester... so bad with regular posting.

Oh almost forgot about animation... roughly 2 weeks of work, a week/character:

The remorseful crocodile, strongly influenced by classmate Josh's piggy :)

And lastly... some nude drawings I was reluctant to post. Sucking at life drawing in first year was a forever humbling experience; at least these are a little better than those were. 1min, 2min, and 5min



  1. whaaa so cool Melody, loved the crocodile sequence!

  2. u know how much i love all these right? <3 that crying duck is... is... soo... cute ('w')

  3. your LD stuffs are gorgeous, Melody! Extremely creative :D I love your raccoon char, he looks so badass :D and that muzzle animation is amazing but.... I can't help but feel so bad for the bird LOL!

    1. Haha GOOD that was the point :D and thankyouthankyou